Gentrics Electrical Supply is an Electrical retailing business established on November 28, 2001 in Alaminos City, Pangasinan. GES was established with an objective to provide a link between Electricians, Engineeers and Contractors of this western part of Pangasinan. Its retail business was then expanded to plumbing that caters some of the needs for construction. To date GES is affiliated with PANELCO 1 Electrician Association with more than 200 members. Since GES also engaged in electrical services, it became a partner with TESDA providing a training for some of its newly graduates. It also provides training, technical seminars and sponsors for the association whenever they have activities.

As a support to its trading business, GES provide certain engineering services from repair and maintenance to testing and commissioning as well as consultancy of electrical and certain mechanical equipment.

To encourage more Electricians and Contractors to choose a competitive products and services, last July 2004, with the support of major suppliers of electrical products such as Koten, Moldex American Wires & Cables Co., GES went into wholesaling and last 2006, GES ventures into Solar Energy, a Renewable Energy that provides alternative energy other than utility as a support to mitigate the effect of Climate Change.

With the impending scarcity of many valuable resources and while the cost of electricity is regularly increasing, GES capitalizes more on developing energy from the SUN because GES knows that the energy is free and it is readily available since everyone can have access to it. Imagine a source of energy more powerful than a million electric power plants. Solar energy never runs out at least not for a few billion years, source is not imaginary it is the sun and shine on us every day. Today with fossil fuels are nearing there extinction and becoming more expensive, GES always consider Solar Energy as other source of energy.

To date GES is a major contender in providing an ON / OFF-Grid Solar outside Metro Manila. With our knowhow and experienced in the industry, GES is always aiming to deliver better services if not the best to the satisfaction of our customer.